At Bambusee, we visualize a new future not driven purely by corporate profit, low costs and high production.

Despite their strong traditional work ethic and innovative local design, many parts of Indonesia experience widespread and devastating poverty and they need help. Our in depth knowledge of Indonesia and its people means that Bambusee’s help is direct and local. It gets to where it is needed and nowhere else. We ensure that all our workers receive a fair wage and good working conditions. There is neither discrimination nor child labour. Bambusee craftspeople are therefore able to take pride in their work, using their traditional crafting skills to provide for their loved ones and their community.

All workers earn a fair wage with social security and health insurance for their family (provided by Bambusee). They can build in the knowledge that all their creations are sustainable and have no negative effect on their local environment.


We know for sure through our on the ground presence that the wood, stone and recycled parts used in all our products are 100% environmentally friendly and fully sustainable, and that the work we provide does great things for local communities. While many companies producing sunglasses claim the wood they use is sustainable ours really is – we use teak from demolished housing in Indonesia and give it a new lease of life.

Many craftspeople in our workshops include ex-drug offenders and HIV sufferers. Employment serves as their rehabilitation and a way for them to get back on their feet.

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