Ordering questions

How can I pay for my sunglasses?

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

What if I need to change or cancel an order?

Please contact us immediately at sales@bambusee.com providing full details of your order. If you cancel before receiving confirmation from us that the order has been accepted we will promptly return any payment made. For further information see our full Terms and Conditions on the website. 

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Can your Bambusee sunglasses get wet?

Yes they can and the wooden ones even float! We finish each pair of sunglasses with a waterproof seal to help protect the natural stone/wood frames.

How strong are Bambusee sunglasses?

Bambusee sunglasses are handmade using top quality materials. Like any eyewear they are not indestructible and require a certain degree of handling with care.

What makes Bambusee sunglasses different?

The frames of our sunglasses are crafted and finished from recycled wood and real stone. The natural colours and fabrics inherent in these materials make each pair of Bambusee sunglasses virtually unique and distinctive.

How do I look after my sunglasses?

We recommend your sunglasses be kept in a safe place. Do not store them where they may break, such as in your trouser or shirt pocket. Every pair of Bambusee sunglasses comes with a hard case, a soft, hand-stitched protective pouch and a microfibre cleaning cloth. We recommend storing your glasses in their cases when not using them to prevent scratching and/or accidental breakage. Use only the microfibre cloth to clean them on a daily basis.

What lenses will my sunglasses have?

All Bambusee sunglasses come with Vision-Ease “SunRx” polarized lenses made in the USA or Optical Supply non-polarised lenses fitted in Singapore. For further information please visit https://www.visionease.com/products/sunrx-polycarbonate-plano/

All Sahawood sunglasses come with CE certified non-polarised, polycarbonate lenses made by Danyang Rimesis Optical Glasses Limited, China.

What eye protection will my sunglasses give?

All lenses used in Bambusee sunglasses are made from the the lightest materials and are virtually scratch resistant under normal use. SunRx polarized polycarbonate lenses give your eyes superior performance and protection in both sunny and cloudy conditions and eliminate 99% of all reflected glare, as well as 100% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Both the Optical Supply and all lenses  used in Sahawood sunglasses are fully CE certified to both EN ISO 12311:2013 and ISO 12312-1:2013 standards.

Can I get prescription frames for my sunglasses?

Currently Bambusee does not accept orders for prescription lenses. 

Is the wood and stone used in Bambusee frames sustainable?

Yes. All wood is obtained from recycled timber salvaged from old demolished buildings nearby our artisanal manufacturing centres in Indonesia. Our natural stone is obtained from traditional local suppliers who have quarried it from small, family run operations in their villages for several generations.

Any other questions?

What benefits are associated to the Bambusee mailing list?

You will be aware of our new products, updates on our social programmes and partners and special offers.

Who are Bambusee’s partners?

Bambusee’s partners are listed on the partner page of our website.

How can I find out more about Bambusee’s Sustainable Vision programme?

Bambusee’s Sustainable Vision programme is described in more detail on the website and can be followed via Facebook, Instagram and if you subscribe to our email mailing list.

How can I contact Bambusee?

Please send all enquiries to sales@bambusee.com.

Is there a store near me that sells Bambusee sunglasses?

Bambusee sunglasses are currently on sale at Seminyak Village, Bali, Indonesia
Outside of Indonesia, Bambusee glasses can currently only be purchased online but we hope that in the near future they will be sold in variety of outlets globally.

Is my personal and credit/debit card information safe during online purchase?

Yes it is.  We have taken several measures to ensure all information received from our online visitors is secure from unauthorised access and use. All transactions are completed on a secure server. To help us in this process we have partnered with Shopify Inc. to help us better serve you. For further details see our Privacy Policy on this website.

Why can’t I select the colour of my sunglasses or the lens type I require?

At the moment due to initial production constraints Bambusee cannot offer this service. Your sunglasses come with either grey or brown lenses matched by us to the natural colour and texture of the frames.

Can I see my mobile phone screen whilst wearing Bambusee glasses?

The nature of our polarised lenses can conflict with the built in polarising screens on some brands of mobile phone. Turning the phone through 90 degrees or more should alleviate this problem.

What is Bambusee’s privacy policy?

Please refer to the Privacy Policy section on this website

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