Vision Ease
Vision Ease manufactures premium lenses in the United States using 100% renewable energy. Vision Ease reduced its carbon emissions by more than 99% by converting to energy-efficient lighting sources and post-consumer packaging materials. What's more, Vision Ease lenses are shipped in packaging made of 35% post-consumer material and printed using soy-based ink.

Bambusee is proud to use Vision Ease’s polarised SunRx lenses in our sunglasses. With these lenses you will see more detail, with reduced fatigue, eyestrain, and distortion. You will experience more natural, true colors across the entire visible light spectrum.

Perdami (Bali branch)
Perdami is the official Indonesian Eye Doctors’ Association.

In Indonesia there is a huge shortage of ophthalmologists: approximately 2,000 eye doctors serve a total population in excess of 250 million people. Together with Bambusee, Perdami doctors from Bali train new eye doctors to improve this situation.

Perdami doctors from Udayana University also perform the eye operations that Bambusee funds in eastern Indonesia. The doctors undertake the operations free of charge – our financial aid goes towards their airfare, accommodation and travel costs, as well as the provision of clean hospitals, power generators and all required equipment.

Besi Pae
Besi Pae is a local charity that supports vulnerable communities in eastern Indonesia. Its mission is to improve the livelihoods of the poor and improve access to healthcare services. 

Bambusee partners with Besi Pae’s network of volunteers to provide ground support for Bambusee’s ‘Sustainable Vision’ program.

Sadar Hati
Sadar Hati is a local charity based in East Java, Indonesia. The charity supports in the rehabilitation of people with drug addictions and assists them in their return to a normal life. Together with Bambusee, Sadar Hati also provides employment opportunities for ex-convicts who learnt woodworking skills while serving their sentence. Sadar Hati also implements harm reduction programs to minimize the spread of HIV/ AIDS.

Rumah Baca Lintang
Rumah Baca Lintang is a local charity based in East Java, Indonesia. The charity supports urban women living in poverty, helping them to generate income and meet their household needs. Rumah Baca Lintang also supports local children, providing scholarships and offering them a safe place to play and learn to read.

Established in the year of 2014, Optical Supply Singapore is a well-established distributor of optical lenses. Formerly known as Kaleido Vision, it is the amalgamation of several leading lens companies under the parent company, Essilor.

Today we pride ourselves on delivering the widest range of renowned consumer brands such as Kodak, Transitions, Platinum Steel, Calligraphy, Jazz HD to optical shops throughout Singapore. We work closely with eye-care professionals and continue to promote good vision by supplying wearers with high quality optical lenses at affordable prices.

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